Spray Tanning

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Tanworx Spray Tanning

We have several different tanworx solutions dependant on your skin shade and the intensity of the tan you would like to achieve.

Our spray tans are quick drying & non sticky made from a blend of natural ingredients that provide an instant tan which intensifies over a few hours and lasts up to a week.

We also have a new rapid tan that can be washed off as soon as 2hrs after applying it to the skin!! Perfect if you are heading out that same night.

Simply shower off after just 2hrs, intially it will look as though it has not made a big change to your colour, but it will develop over time exactly the same as the original 8hr tans but with the advantage of not having to keep it on for as long.

All of the tanworx products are organic,paraben free and are not tested on animals.