Eyelash Extensions

Here at Blush Beauty we can apply eyelash extensions from “Hollywood Lashes” with our qualified eyelash technician,Emma.

Hollywood Lashes were one of the first companies to launch the innovative eyelash extension system into the UK in 2005. Since then, over 3500 UK Salons have introduced Hollywood Lashes Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions and our professional eyelash extension products, reaping the benefits of this very In Vogue, simple application.

Using only the finest quality eyelash extension products, our reputation in this industry has grown considerably because of our pride in supplying quality semi permanent eyelash extensions together with our unbeatable customer service.

Over the last 9 years the industry has grown immensely and new eyelash extension curls, thicknesses and lengths have been introduced to the industry all of which Hollywood Lashes supply. Some of the less professional/cheaper option kits on the market only include the same type of eyelash extension to attach to every client. We believe that everyone is different and the applications should be made to reflect this. Hollywood Lashes have semi permanent eyelash extensions that will suit your needs no matter what you require.

Since introducing semi permanent eyelash extensions in the UK, in 2005, Hollywood Lashes is one of the UK’s leading companies specialising in this fantastic looking application.